TAE/Viral Mailers Owners

We offer 2 JV Levels to choose from; Admins may choose to participate in BMA BlastMyAds as a Friend Admin or Partner admin.

As Friend Admin, You can offer a special promo code to our members that will join your site going through the normal registration process in order to get the free advertising that you will want to offer them.

If you want to become a Partner Admin, participate in our Blaster program and EARN FREE MONTHLY INCOME You will need to join BMA BlastMyAds first.

As a Friend Admin, the owner doesn't automatically become a Partner Admin and vicevrsa.

Friend Admin Benefits

1. No need to join BMA BlastMyAds
2. Increase members joining YOUR program
3. Our member MUST phisically go through all your offers/pages
4. Lifetime 600x300 (or 468x60) Banner on the BMA login page
5. Lifetime listing on the member area in the Promo Codes section
6. Lifetime listing on the public page Friend Admins.

  You MUST be a TAE Owner/Admin to Participate..Click here ONLY if you are a TAE Admin/Owner!  

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